Bakery Selections

We bake fresh bread every day and offer a choice of white or wheat bread. We bake our own hamburger buns and croissants for our sandwiches.

We bake irresistible pastries: apple and blueberry turnovers, cream cheese danish, ensemadas, cinnamon rolls, pig in a blanket, chocolate chip and white chocolate chip-macadamia nut cookies.


Our bakers have been with us for almost as long as we have been open. Our team is led by Manuela and Onofre Buenio, Armeda Valencia, Leonora Etrata and Max Hermano, who bake the best bread and pastries on Lanai.

Bakers start early, at five thirty in the morning, and usually the first things to come hot out of the oven are the apple and blueberry turnovers; our fresh bread is usually done by noon.


For any substantial order of bread or pastries, we would appreciate if you could make a pre-order, by calling us at 565-6363, a day or more in advance.