Blue Ginger Café can prepare platters for almost any size event. We can deliver to large catering events in Lanai City. We have delivered on occasion to Manele Bay Hotel and to the Sporting Clay Facility for group functions.

Small platters can be ordered for a family function by calling a few hours in advance. They can be picked up at the restaurant.

With our medium and large platters, especially for events, it would help us if you order a day in advance to be sure that we have all of the ingredients, as you find that living on Lanai, we run out of things as barge day approaches, and the grocery stores run out of things.

We can serve platters of a lot of our menu items. Our most popular platters are:

Chow Funn

A wide flat noodle, grilled with ham and vegetables, accompanied by a tossed green salad.

Fried saimin

Noodles fried with spam, egg, fish cake and green onion.

Chicken Katsu

Chicken thighs, skinned, pounded thin, panko breaded, deep fried and served with tonakatsu (oriental barbeque) sauce, topped with green onion and sesame seed.

Chicken Cutlet

Same preparation as the Katsu, but finished instead with a homemade brown gravy.

Teriyaki Chicken

Chicken thighs first marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce, then grilled and topped with teriyaki sauce, green onion and sesame seed.


A bento is a mix plate or combination. Our bento is a selection of fried chicken, tempura shrimp, potsticker, spam, Portuguese sausage, teriyaki chicken, egg fu yung, and two scoop of white rice flavored with furukaki.

Steamed White Rice
Tossed Green Salad


Homemade Macaroni Salad